Registration under Goods & Service Tax Act (GST)

You are aware that Goods & Service Tax Act (GST) will be enacted and will come into force from 01.04.2017. M.P. State Government shall give opportunity to all dealers for registration under GST Act. The Commercial Tax department is very aggressive on this process and from 30.11.2016 registrations already obtained under MPVAT Act / CST Act / Service Tax Act / Central Excise Act will be transferred in one common registration under GST Act known as GSTN. The process of registration will be as under:-
01) The concerning department official shall deliver the provisional user ID and
Password at your registered address or it is to be obtained from the department during the period on or before 30.11.2016. In case such user ID is not received by you till 30.11.16, kindly contact us so that we can collect the same from department after taking authorization letter from you.

On receipt of user ID & password kindly send us as soon as possible along with the following
documents so that registration process can be done within time and if any discrepancy arises the same can be rectified in due course i.e. before 14.12.2016 :-
Documents and information required:

1) VAT/CST/Registration No. -1 MB (PDF or JPG format)
2) PAN Card soft copy of proprietor/Firm/Company/Director and Authorised Signatory-
100 (JPEG format)
3) Top 5 commodities manufactured or traded – HSN code & Name.
4) Details of services being rendered
5) User Id and Password received from State Govt. Authorities
6) Valid Email ID and Mobile No. to get it registered on portal.
i) OTP (one time password) from GST server will be uploaded by the company / us.
ii) It is Important as all future correspondence will be done on this registered email.
ii) Email ID and Mobile No. should be same which are registered with Aadhaar no.

7) Bank Account Details:
i) Name of Bank, detailed address of the Bank Account Number, IFSC code, or Copy of cancelled cheque. (Scan copy in PDF within 1MB)
ii) Last month’s bank statement from current date or certificate from the Branch of the
Bank or copy of first page of passbook.
iii) Maximum 10 bank Account can be registered.
8) Proof of Constitution of Business:
i) Incase of Partnership firm : Partnership Deed
(Scanned copy in PDF within 1mb size)
ii) In case of Company: Registration certificate of ROC, copy of MOA and AOA.
(Scanned copy in PDF within 1mb size)
iii) In case of proprietorship: Gumasta Licence (provided by Municipal corporation)
(Scanned copy in PDF within 1mb size)
iv) Photograph: Photograph of all Directors and Partners, and of proprietor as the case may be.
(Scanned copy in JPEG within 100kb)
9) Appointment of authorized signatory:
i) In case of partnership firm : Authority letter.
ii) In case of company: – Board resolution for authorization.
– Two Photograph of authorized person.
– Email ID and Mobile no. of authorized person.
(only in case company want to register his/her
email Id or Mobile no.)
10) Aadhaar No. : Photocopy of Aadhaar Card of all directors/partners/proprietor/authorized
11) DIN: Director Identification Number (DIN) is required for registration in case of company.
12) DSC: In case of Company, partnership firm / proprietor DSC of authorized director/partner/person is mandatory. DSC of class 2 and 3 only can be used for registration.

All the document should be stamped & signed. Please provide scan copy of each document as per size mentioned above. Please send us hard copy and also send soft copy to our E-mail ld.

Please note that you have to apply between 30.11.2016 to 14.12.2016 positively because registration process will be blocked thereafter. In case of any confusion kindly feel free to contact us on 9893023800 or 9893128888 (Satish Agrawal) or 9755649259 (Jayant Agrwal)




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  1. satyanarayan Kala

    Respected Sir

    Please Provide HSN Code of Bio Mass Briquettes, Sugar ,Cement,Gitti, Petrol .

    Sir i make my Effort to Find out appropriate HSN Code but Required Some More Clarity about that item

    Sugar (Daily Use) – 17019990
    Cement (For Building Construction) 25232910
    Gitti (For Road Construction) 25169010
    Petrol (MS) 27101219

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